Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thinking Hard of This

You said that i'm suck, but you copy my style... Who's suck?
-Sonia Eryka-
(My favourite fashion blogger)

I found that someone copying what do I do such as blogging, loving fashion item etc, and hate what I like.Yeah she is the haters of me. But instead of hate her back, much better that I improve  my capability and show our strength. I learn this from a lot of "great people" and "truly" famous fashion blogger of my country. Refresh your mind, stay in positive side, and biiiiiiiiiiig smile!!! Yeah!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Street Style of London Fashion Week!! (Part II)

There are so many cool outfit there.. Outer, blazer, tights, plated skirt, shawl, maxi jacket, boots, sneaker, etc... Those outfir can be matched with clutch bag, headband, necklace or bracelets. Just be confidence and be yourself like fashionistas in London...
What a unique umbrella and cool bowie hat. Ankle boots can maximise those outfit.

I also posted one of my favourit ring. Ethnic but edgy. No bling-bling, just carved artistically. I have so many ring, but i think it's the best...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Street Style of London Fashion Week!! (Part I)

There are so many fashionista attended LFW at England at the beginning of this year. As you know that London's fashionistas have simple look with dark or nude colour, but always get exclusive style. 

To get a cool style like them, don't be doubt to wear blazer, simple tank (plain or with a cartoon pict), coat or jacket, shawl, or ankle boots to maximize your look. As an addition, you can wear tights too... 

When go to shop on mall or visiting online shop, I have desire to buy a coat. But my friend tell me, "for what do you buy coat? Our place isn't suitable with that outwear". Yeah, I admit that my city is very hot and if I really buy it absolutely I confuse when or where i have to wear it, but I still want a coat someday. Maybe I can wear it when I go to London several years later with my dearest Anggie Bagus Purwono. :)