Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Fashionably Hang Out

All my boardhousemates is confused because our friend, Arma, is lost!! There is no one know where she is since in the middle of December. Actually, we realize that she was back to her city, Bojonegoro and want to work there. Althogh Vicky and Camel have separated, we still on the connection via sms or bbm. We have contact her in twitter and sms but she never reply. Oh.. So sad because we have lived together for 4 years and there is no news about her.. :(

I feel happy when I look this picture. That photo was taking on Tunjungan Plaza photobox 2,5 months ago (I forget what is the name of that photobox) to made a memory between me, Irma and Arma. After that we spend our happy life.At this picture, Arma is wearing pale grey hijab, Me is wearing pale yellow shirt and Irma is wearing blue stripes T-Shirt 

Arma...Please send me just an sms. We miss you very much... XOXO