Monday, November 29, 2010

Insight the Birthday Gift

Three days ago, at November 27th, my sister was getting older. Now, she is 20 years old!! I was so sorry because  I didnt give birthday give for her because i have no budget to bought it. Hehe.. Whadda "mean sister" I am.. But I prayed to my god, I hope she is always blessed by the god and be succesful in her college n her business...
At saturday night, my sister's boyfriend came to my house and gave her special gift. A limited edition colour of  Insight purse. Woow. The details of that purse so vintage, and soooo smooth. In the front side, there are snake detail. Uniquely purse i think. Oh, i want it too... My sister made me jealous... LOL... ;)
Limited edition colour: Brown... Slurp!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shoes of Us

At the last Tuesday, after watching Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows movie, my friends and I window shopping on Tunjungan Plaza. My dearest friend, Ayu and Arma planned to bought a shoes in Matahari Dept Store. At first, they were so confused to choose the shoes that they want. But finally, they have got shoes that they want. Shoes like mine...

St Morits's shoes. There are 2 colors of this item, black and cream
I bought this black shoes a year ago, at first launch of this product. I love this shoes (even it price little expensive) because it design is so simple and cool. In my boardhouse, Irma (black) and Vicky(cream) have bought this shoes a half of year ago (i think, i don't remember exactly) with cheaper cheaper cheaper price because they got special discount. . And we got the new member of St.Morits shoes, Arma in black and Ayu in cream..Absolutely they got cheaper price than i got...Huhuhu.... :))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unbranded T-shirt

Do little crazy things on my free time. I take this photo by my self and voilaaaa.... I got special effect from the sunshine on that wall.. That's so wonderfull time in the evening. Even my face look so tired at that time, but i enjoyed it... So inspired for my life i think... Lol...!!!!