Monday, November 29, 2010

Insight the Birthday Gift

Three days ago, at November 27th, my sister was getting older. Now, she is 20 years old!! I was so sorry because  I didnt give birthday give for her because i have no budget to bought it. Hehe.. Whadda "mean sister" I am.. But I prayed to my god, I hope she is always blessed by the god and be succesful in her college n her business...
At saturday night, my sister's boyfriend came to my house and gave her special gift. A limited edition colour of  Insight purse. Woow. The details of that purse so vintage, and soooo smooth. In the front side, there are snake detail. Uniquely purse i think. Oh, i want it too... My sister made me jealous... LOL... ;)
Limited edition colour: Brown... Slurp!!

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